The Role of CAD in Cabinet Manufacturing

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Before we begin to discuss the role of  CAD in manufacturing and what is it used for, let's look back at what people used to do before these powerful software applications arrived on the market.  All the engineers used drafters and sheets to draw and design a product. It took so much time for a designer to design a product. Suppose the manufactured product didn’t satisfy the customer’s need or the manufacturers found any errors in the product after manufacturing. In that case, they needed to change the product’s design, which was time-consuming. The designer needs to change the design of a product by erasing it, or sometimes he needs to use a new chart for designing it. Don’t you think this was a very hard process? With no doubt the answer is yes, In order to solve all these issues the CAD software came into place.

Using this software, we can save the design of product modifications; we can edit the design, which is saved previously, which reduces the time to design a product. It also reduced human effort.


CAD software is used heavily within various architecture, arts and engineering projects. CAD use cases are specific to industry and job functions. The purpose of CAD is to optimize and streamline the designer's workflow, increase productivity, improve the quality and level of detail in the design, improve documentation communications and often contribute toward a manufacturing design database. CAD software outputs come in the form of electronic files, which are then used accordingly for manufacturing processes.


So, now the question comes, What is the role of CAD and why should we use it in cabinet manufacturing?


The cabinet manufacturing process requires collaboration between the 3D concept design team, planning, and manufacturing divisions. These divisions work together to translate design ideas into actual products. A complete and detailed CAD drawing enables a consistent exchange of information among company stakeholders. 


In order to virtually design an item and have it built by machines, CAM and CAD can be used together (CAD/CAM). In contrast to doing it manually, moving objects like cabinets in CAD can be used to change the layout considerably more quickly, cheaply, and efficiently. It differs from other drawing applications in that you cannot open it and immediately start drawing. To get started and to ensure the design is precise, a combination of tools and mathematical formulae are needed. Also, it is not easy to master the program, people are trained to become professionals in order to use the program. One of the most significant advantages of CAD/CAM is the ease of manufacturing. The amount of time needed for production planning and work allocation is significantly decreased by the integration of CAD/CAM. Modern CAD and CAM systems have gotten much better at working together, and they frequently appear as one system rather than two separate ones.


Lets see the benefits of using CAD in Cabinet Manufacturing

  •  Increased Productivity  & Saves Time : It helps in increasing the  manufacturing productivity by combining 3D modeling with 3D printing for the manufacturers to use as they create  prototypes of the designed items. This can be done far more efficiently and quickly than traditional designing which is done manually.
  • Editable & Creative : You might need to make changes as you create your designs. It will be considerably simpler to make modifications when utilizing computer-aided design software because you can easily correct mistakes and edit the drawings. Cabinet designs are now more realistic with the use of 3D modeling and renderings and have taken the creativity to a whole new level.
  • Reuse of Code : The issue of labor duplication is eliminated since computer tools are employed to complete the operation; you may copy the various components of the code, design and reuse them repeatedly.
  • Easy to Share : The CAD tools make it simpler to save the files, store them so you may use them repeatedly, and distribute them without any issues.
  • More accuracy : There is no doubt that manual drawings will never provide the same level of accuracy as CAD software. You have tools to assess the quality, skill, and accuracy of the designs. Manual Drafting Cabinet Designs leaves a lot of possibilities for inaccuracies and measurement problems. CAD Drafting Services can eliminate those errors by using automated dimension and other drafting tools that help to incorporate a flawless design.
  • Minimize Cost : Cabinet designers that use CAD software can significantly reduce their manufacturing expenses. By using CAD for design, it is possible to reduce the manufacture of unusable. Using simulations, CAD enables testing of the cabinets to ensure that it can support the weight of the human and any other equipment that might be kept on it.


Considering all these advantages, we at iES use the best CAD tools available in the industry in our design and drafting processes. In order to give you a better understanding of the CAD tools we use, here is a short list:-

  • Cabinet Vision- Cabinet Vision provide exactly what you need -from a conceptual model to complete the packages that are ready for you to use in manufacturing and installation. We also have "Screen-to-Machine abilities for seamless connection of Cabinet Vision, Solid Standard. and other software to your manufacturing equipment. 
  • Microvellum- It leads the industry in design, engineering and manufacturing innovations that enable cabinet and millwork businesses to produce their products accurately and cost efficiently. It is a Platform to Streamline the Design, Estimating, Engineering & Production. Residential Cabinetry, Commercial Casework, Architectural Millwork, Office Furniture, Store Fixtures, Custom Products
  • 2020 design -2020 helps professional designers, retailers and manufacturers in the interior design and furniture industries capture ideas, inspire innovation and streamline processes. By providing end-to-end solutions and the world’s largest collection of manufacturers’ catalogs, 2020 provides businesses with the software and content to be more efficient, integrated and productive.
  • Pro kitchen -ProKitchen Design software delivers high-quality and strikingly realistic renderings that will inspires our customers. With an inclusive collection of hundreds of manufacturer catalogs and custom furniture, appliance and accessory catalogs, ProKitchen allows for imaginative and exhilarating design.

It is important to note that CAD is not just for engineers or designers, it can be used by people in many fields of work. CAD software has transformed the way people design objects, buildings, and products. It benefits anyone who needs to create or edit designs in a precise way.

So the best way what we do is present on the screen – the attention to detail, thought processes involved, form and function of the idea you want to showcase. We then interact with our clients through our design. Make changes for the ones they want and the ones that appear when we discuss with them.

For every Customized Design, the iES team makes variety of 2D and 3D models. The cabinet shop drawings that we provide will meet all of your requirements with ease after a great deal of thought and effort has been put into them. Whether it is drawing to your internal standards or our industry-established standards, our customizable approach and the ability to scale allow you to receive access to the best quality Cabinet Design and Drafting services.

We are specialized at Retail store display cabinets , Kitchen custom cabinets, Museum Cabinets, Institutional Cabinets, Office Casework Cabin, Hospital Rack & Shelves, Library Cabin, Lockers & Bench Seats, Bathroom Vanities and so on. Our team is also capable to work with all types of materials used in carpentry shop for wall and base cabinets, tall cabinets, frames and frameless boxes and many other types. As we being serving multiple countries across the globe, we are well positioned in recommending industry best practices and exposed to Modern Kitchen Cabinets - Including Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets, Multiple Kitchen Cabinet Styles with various Door styles, different Construction methods. Our Cabinet designers interpret your design needs from the architectural plans you share and develop plans, elevations and sections for your shop.

If you’ve decided that you want to hire a CAD designer for your next project, we can help. To know more about us



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