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  •  Cabinet Design and Drafting Service

      As a leading global Engineering service provider in Cabinet, Millwork related Design & Drafting, IES Serves its clients across the globe being a strong outsourcing partner. 

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Cabinet Vision Design & Drafting
Microvellum Design & Drafting
2020 Design & Drafting
ProKitchen Design
3D Rendering and Design

Cabinet Design and Drafting Services

Our Team develops 2D and 3D models for every Customized Design. A lot of thought and effort goes into our cabinet shop drawings so that they meet all your requirements with ease. Whether it is drawing to your internal standards or drawing according to our industry-established standards, our customizable approach and the ability to scale allow you to receive access to the best quality Cabinet Design and Drafting services.

We are specialized at,

Retail Store Display Cabinets

Retail store display cabinets

kitchen cabinet design and drawings services

Kitchen custom cabinets

Museum Cabinets

Museum Cabinets

institutional cabinets

Institutional Cabinets

Office casework

Office Casework Cabin

Hospitals racks and shelves

                 Hospital Rack & Shelves                                                         

Library cabinets

Library Cabin   

Lockers and Bench Seats

Lockers & Bench Seats  

Bathroom vanities

Bathroom Vanities        


IES team is capable to work with all types of materials used in carpentry shop for wall and base cabinets, tall cabinets, frames and frameless boxes and many other types. As we being serving multiple countries across the globe, we are well positioned in recommending industry best practices and exposed to Modern Kitchen Cabinets - Including Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets, Multiple Kitchen Cabinet Styles with various Door styles, different Construction methods. Our Cabinet designers interpret your design needs from the architectural plans you share and develop plans, elevations and sections for your shop. Through out Kitchen Cabinet Design and Drawings Services our Kitchen Cabinet Designers deliver 3D model designs , 2D Shop drawings and rendered images.Wall kitchen cabinet, kitchen cabinet style, storage cabinets, pantry cabinet