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    IES Virtual Staffing Services help businesses manage their daily operations more effectively.
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Virtual Staffing Service

Having catered to many clients across USA, CANADA, UK, Australia, IES has been a leading service provider to Cabinet manufacturers & Millwork industry. Regardless of whether you are understaffed, or those essential roles are missing entirely or you believe some of your Engineering activities which can be outsourced, our IES team can work as your virtual staff to fill the gaps and boost your in-house team’s strength.

Through Virtual Staffing services, We make it working - whether you are hours apart or halfway across the globe, a breeze. 

We train and manage your staff while they make sure all of your needs are met. It is as if you are working side by side with your staff under one roof.

• Well-versed in a wide array of projects, including Residential Kitchens and Bath; Commercial Casework. such as reception desks, bars, store counters, and point of sale stations; and Closets and Storage for residential applications, classrooms, laboratories. or offices

• Advanced knowledge of cabinet and casework construction methods and techniques

• Strong ability to interpret clients' and architects design intent and translate intent into construction drawings

• Incredible work ethic with attention to detail

Dedicated Virtual Staffing Service

Why Choose IES to outsource your Cabinet Design and Drafting

IES has an excellent track record when it comes to delivering a professional Cabinet Design service / Millwork design service. Here are just a few reasons to choose our services.

Accurate and Optimized Designs and Assemblies

Accurate and Optimized Designs and Assemblies

Our Engineers are acutely aware that precision is of the utmost importance when it comes to cabinet assembly drafts and designs. All drawings and models are thoroughly checked, detailed to reduce waste and increase efficiency.

Dedicated designers & Draftsmen at a Competitive Price

Dedicated designers & Draftsmen at a Competitive Price

We offer an unparalleled service in terms of professionalism, communication, precise and on-time delivery. Members of the design team keep their training up to date to ensure delivery of best practices.

Cabinet Vision DEsign

Wide Experience of Different 

Project Types

Having worked on almost every conceivable type of projects. the design team can work swiftly and accurately and know how to rectify potential problems as they arise.