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    We provide Cabinet & Millwork Designing, Drafting and Rendering services across the globe.

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Why choose us? 
  • 10+ years experience
  • Leading Engineering service provider- Kitchen Cabinet architectural Millwork designing & Drafting.
  • Deep Knowledge on Construction & Installation
  • Great working relationship with other industry professionals    
  • Quick design turnaround               
  • Significant cost saving 
  • Standardized Quality process
  • Skilled and Highly Trained Engineers                                                                     
Kitchen Cabinet architectural Millwork designing & Drafting.
IES – We are an engineering service provider - Head quarters in Canada and Design Center in India.  IES has 20 Years of Engineering service leadership experience, With 9 years of experience in Cabinet and Millwork industry and 6 Years of Global engagement. Our design services and support solutions cater to Kitchen Cabinet, Millwork industry – USA, UK, Canada,  Australia & New Zealand . Evolving to keep up with the changing demands of time is intrinsic to the company. A commitment to quality, process orientated & ability to establish engineering teams, and a good understanding of industry standards has been the basis of our long term relationship with our reputed clients.


  • Enthusiastic management

  • Advanced Technology

  • Experienced engineers

  • Cost-effective solutions

  • State of art- Infrastructure

WE ADD VALUE BY                

Capacity Scaling- Flexibly

 Ability to manage the Capacity is a major factor in any business’s success, whether its small or big, we can accommodate your requirements.  We have a strong team - experienced architects /engineers, experts in multiple CAD tools . We address your requirements through Two proven models for your long-term or short-term needs -  Dedicated resource model and Project based model. In dedicated model, we promise you zero distraction factor which reduces the lead time and puts the entire attention on to your project. In Project based model, Resources will be assigned to work on your projects for a short period of time . 

IES is having access to rich talent pool for accommodating the growing needs of our client. We practice industry best processes & practices in on-boarding and retaining our in house talents. Project deliverable with required quality and velocity is our extended team's responsibilities. So be confident, we are for you. 

Reducing your Engineering cost

Savings in money and time speak for themselves but equally so, outsourcing your design & drafting activities frees up your team to focus on core activities / eases up your team’s work load. Our aim is to augment our client’s profits margins throughout their Engineering process by increasing their productivity and improving the quality. Our clients can drastically reduce the cost of labor, along with the other investment costs & over heads by a whopping 30 to 50%. The revenue that is saved can be invested into core business functions. Most importantly our Design center is in India where you get the huge benefit of 1/3rd of the typical cost, at the same time, Team is available for collaboration with minimum four hours of overlap every day, just like your in-house team. We can cater you with high quality designs in very competitive price range without compromising your needs. 

High quality 

Designs are the spine for all the engineering marvels. IES is built with motivated Architects and Engineers who have a reputation of delivering the highest-quality designs, drafting and rendering services based on the requirements. We provide end-to-end customized solutions to our clients. We take immense pride in high standards and accuracy that we maintain in our work and relationships.  IES is glad to be in the good books of our clients for Design, Drafting and Engineering processes. We follow the Build-in quality approach, Robust quality control methods meaning that you can rest assured that all the services provided by us are of the utmost quality and error-free.

Practice your processes and standards

Even though we are strong in the Industry standards, we understand how importance is your internal processes and practices for your organization and especially for the down stream users. Realizing that uniqueness and importance, we compliment it by training our Engineers to document and practice in your projects in similar fashion as you do. As a result the down streams users are not noticing any differences. This proactive approach has been well appreciated by our existing clients and this helps in building an extended team on our client's respective processes, practices & products.


In today’s digital and cloud-based world, your business performs only as well as your IT infrastructure. This enhances exceptional customer and employee experiences. We have high end IT Infrastructure facility available - High end workstation set up to perform designing, drafting & rendering powered with high speed internet. Our collaborations are through Emails, Teams / Zoom meetings, IM Chats, screen-sharing, Share point, One drive (Office 365 collaboration suite) which gives you total control over the progress & status of the projects. Our engineering team uses a secure project management tool for tracking the engineering projects. We have access to wide variety of CAD tools - CABINET VISION , MICROVELLUM, 2020 Design, 2020 Maker, ProKitchen, 3DS Max, Sketch Up, Auto CAD, Mozaik etc. We provide you the ability to install your license in our system or vice versa with decent charge rates and no indirect charges. Our administration methods are simple and organized as a single-entry invoicing method month on month basis.  Our Team understand the importance of confidentiality and their engagement relies upon the execution of a comprehensive confidentiality agreement.