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Millwork Drafting Services

Our Millwork Drafting Services focus on bridging this gap between CAD drawings and shop floor needs by delivering detail oriented 2D Millwork Shop Drawings which go hand in hand with the architectural plans. Secondly, we deliver systematic drafting in DWG as well as DXF files that help you coordinate with furniture manufacturers, kitchen cabinet makers, hospitality (restaurants, food chain shops, retail shop, and street furniture) and woodworking industry manufacturers for seamless production.

IES provides resource support for General contractors, real estate developers, architectural firms and manufacturing companies. IES team provides high quality millwork shop drawings, incorporating client’s internal standards and practices. 

We partner construction companies to help their design engineers, remove hassles - out of architectural drawings by offering high-quality custom and modular millwork drafting. We help you build sturdy furniture, cabinetry, and other architectural millwork drawings with meticulous positioning of joinery including hardware, fixtures and bolting, depicted though high-quality drawings and files in 3D CAD software.

We specialize in delivering exterior surface finishes, interior finishes of building construction, and mill production drawings for decorative items as per design standards specified under NKBA, NFC, and AWI systems. From crown 3D modelling to wall paneling, our millwork draftsmen are well equipped to interpret your millwork and casework drafting needs from architectural drawings to generate shop drawings to be shared with manufacturing companies. 

 Millwork CAD Drafting

  • 2D CAD submittal drawings
  • Production drawings with isometric exploded views
  • Assembly and installation drawings
  • Woodworking drawings for high-pressure laminates
  • CAD drawings for hardwood or softwood lumber and engineered panels
  • 3D Solid modelling with rendered properties
  • Neutral files to convert to CNC Layers manufacturing use

Our area of expertise for Millwork CAD Services

We have dedicated CAD draftsmen that partner with your designers to develop tailor-made architectural millwork drafting and detailed engineering drawings from the architectural millwork designs . We, thus, provide you an edge by creating single reference files for each stakeholder for continuous flow of design information and adhering to standards.

From residential and retail furniture to institutional furniture, we help millwork sub-contractors to stay efficient throughout their project tenure by providing unprecedented support from design to installation. We effortlessly embed DFMA strategies and manufacturing instructions in our drawings to help you remain competent during production and help reduce waste.

shop display furniture

Shop Display Furniture

Plating hooks, various racks, Kiosks, display cabinets, tables, drawers with metal girders etc.

Store and Shopping Mall Furniture

Shopping Mall Furniture

Shutters, shelfmantels, mailboxes fitting room furniture, etc.

Custom Joinery Shop drawings for

Custom Joinery Shop drawings 

Windows, doors, kitchen cabinets, paneling, etc.

Reception desks

Reception Desk Cabin 


Institutional Furniture

Park, churches, street benches etc., museum cabinets, fencing etc.

Millwork Drafting

Residential Furniture

Stair parts, storm windows, wood storm doors, porch columns etc. 

Commercial Furniture

Commercial Furniture

 Bespoke reception desks, fire and acoustic rated door sets, seating, kiosks, teller lines, nurse station standing and running trim etc.

Restaurants and bar cabinets

     Restaurant & Bar Cabinet

Why Outsource Millwork Drafting Services to us?

With an experience of 20+ years in the offshore industry we remain trustworthy partners to our clients across the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Our Millwork Designers & Drafters with excellent problem solving skills partner with you for your crucial projects and help you gain edge over your competitors.

Our core strengths include:

· Capability to deliver designs as per any international design standard

· Rich and diversified experience with variety CAD platforms

· Well-versed engineering teams

· Scalable Technology infrastructure

· Standardized process delivery 

If you have are looking to partner an expert millwork drafting team, we can be your partners & support you achieve your milestones with surety.

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