Is Hiring, Training & Retaining talents of intelligent CAD software's a Challenge? 

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In 90’s ,When CAD technologies were evolving designers produced engineering drawings using paper sheets, canvas, or similar materials with a pen or pencil. However, Today we design and process through Computer-Aided Designing (CAD). This software includes advanced tool sets and facilities that you would never expect to find in paper-based designs .Through this advancement not just design, Design for manufacturing, Design for Assembly, Design for Engineering process all being interconnected and being built in the advanced CAD software or tools. These CAD software are being upgraded to keep up with global demand and other technical advancement. To begin with, let me share my thoughts on hiring the right CAD candidate .

Firstly I would like to share the two important aspects that we should look over when hiring the right CAD Designer -Character and Skills. When hiring based on characters we should look over their attitude and personality. When hiring for talents, we must consider their technical abilities that the candidate has attained through formal education or professional experience.

Most of us would have the challenge in Hiring, Training and retaining talents, Which often we have been hearing.Do you know the exact reason for that? If not let’s see what are those.

     Volume of working team-Having only 1 or 2 members in the team and no backup plan for future.

     Markets were we won’t get the right talent-As anyone trying to hire in today’s job market knows, it’s getting harder and harder to find qualified candidates.

     Some organization have their units at remote places-Often trained employees moved out of the organization to other city-based manufacturer who were more closer to the city. So the company felt like they were continuously investing more time in training new folks.

 So Before hiring the right one , you must know their responsibilities. 

* They need to be thoroughly experienced and knowledgeable on both 3D modelling and 2D drawing tools.

* They should have a knowledge of engineering terms, material properties etc. So, an engineering certificate, diploma, or degree as education is required.

* Data analysis is a crucial talent for CAD designers. It gives them the ability to develop bespoke solutions to meet different scenarios and project demands.

* Your potential CAD designer must possess knowledge of various industry standards.

Beside those responsibilities , they should also be curious enough to be aware of what works, why it works, and what will work better. Because , Curiosity is the key motivational factor behind every learning and I believe it. They also must be a good learner in sense they should have good grasping power and confidence to try out new strategies, approaches, and technologies.Your CAD designer should be prepared to learn preferred tools and software because the CAD software industry is a continuously growing field. Usually , an experienced CAD Designer will have more self confidence due to their expertise in Software.

Usually , the designers are always challenged with new scopes when creating a product because of numerous new scopes which is being added through out the entire processes.  When coming up with new ideas, your designer needs contextual knowledge on new scopes. They should be capable of adopting any upcoming technology that the market needs the most. Your CAD designer should possess problem solving skills that can increase your revenue and maintain the loyalty of your clients. They will always require a team. so that they can exchange their thoughts, skills, and experiences with other team members. Despite having a team they should also have the ability to work independently so that they should have their own ideas, timeline, and style to differentiate themselves from others. A designer needs to be aware of the project's deadlines and goals and should be able to work at their own schedule but without missing the goals and the best results at the end of the day. We at iES , always take care of such significant things while hiring a CAD designer in our team.

Then the most challenging part is training the CAD employees . The challenge of educating and training users on new software and methodologies becomes harder and more challenging . Companies can benefit in both big and small ways from investing in employee training and development.

However CAD software providers release new features frequently. These features improve the productivity of engineers and designers. The major thing here is that the businesses must invest money in training CAD users on new capabilities. Additionally, engineers are also unable to obtain the funding they require for proper training. Moreover, engineers must allocate time to learn how to make the most of the new features.

Because, they are already working extremely hard to achieve demanding design deadlines and handle critical engineering problems. As a result, while utilizing a new version of the CAD software, users are frequently forced to learn as they go.

Training for CAD software might not be given top priority by management. These obstacles stop vital productivity improvements where the engineers need the training to reap the full productivity benefits of new CAD features.

However, We at iES have specific team to train our folks on theses CAD Software Tools - Cabinet Vision , Microvellum , 2020 Design and Pro Kitchen ,where these major tools are necessary for majority of manufacturing industries. Users can design kitchen cabinetry by using a range of CAD software applications, which provide them with the essential tools. The user can select the type and style of cabinet they want, as well as the type of wood and knobs they want, using these applications.

 We at IES have a well trained and experienced Certified drafters and qualified engineers with excellent problem solving skills partner with you for your crucial projects and help you gain edge over your competitors. They also understand your millwork drafting and casework drafting requirements from architectural design drawings and produce the necessary 3D Models and 2D CAD Shop Drawings. To know more about us

As of now , 50% of CAD employees might be finding new employment, but they believe the firm is doing everything it can to keep them. Since it might be challenging to locate Skilled professionals, keeping them on board is crucial.

If you want to retain your staff effectively, you must provide competitive perks. Keep in mind that different strategies will be needed to retain employees from various generations. This generation frequently prefers benefits that are meant to provide them more flexibility and paid time off.

Frequently , review your team's accomplishments and failures . Every time remember that people are investments, not just things to be owned. If you want to keep the good ones , You must keep making investments in what you already have. It is usually always much less expensive to maintain rather than replace. Follow these things - communicate, maintain, recognize, review, reward, develop, and evolve—consistently. Your investment will continue to yield profits!

How we manage and support our Manufacturers…

We at IES have a huge team of CAD Designers who have a highly skilled professionals in Designing and Drafting CAD tools. We have:-

     An access to rich talent pool.

     Talented engineers readily available.

     Descent Team size.

     Robust succession planning strategy in place.

One of our success is that our team had a strong experience in Microvellum CAD tool & Closet / Wardrobe Designs. With this niche combination, team was able to quickly adapt to client’s processes, practices, internal tools and design. We also leveraged the time zone difference and reduced the turn around time. iES continuing our support in providing the Microvellum design and drafting services to our client. As this Success is not final, failure is not fatal.

We kept on counting more projects and accomplishing them. To know about our success



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